About Us

The Academy offers a safe and welcoming environment for students and low admission numbers mean that we can offer one to one and small group learning that really is matched to the needs of the individual child.

Our Academy boasts results well above the national averages for similar alternative Academies and we have an excellent track record of re-engaging students in education and ensuring they achieve excellent results that allow them to move on to their next steps in life.

Our students are proud of their school and those who have left to go onto successful placements at college, school sixth forms or back into mainstream school continue to visit and contact the school into their adult lives.

Please feel free to browse our site to find out more or get in touch if you would like to visit or require further information.

Dave Flowitt - Principal

Aims of the Academy

Our Academy works with local schools and local authorities to ensure that students who cannot thrive in a mainstream school environment have a quality educational alternative. We believe that every young person should have the opportunity to succeed by being motivated and inspired.

Our aim is to provide students with quality education and support, to meet their personalised learning need and ensure that students develop into responsible members of their communities.

Objectives of the Academy

  • To provide support to students to help them re-engage with education
  • To provide a safe and inspiring environment in which students can develop into responsible adults
  • To ensure all our students have access to the same opportunities as students in mainstream schools through a broad and balanced curriculum

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